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Irla Nursing Home
About Us

Irla Nursing Home And Polyclinic-INHP was established in 1977 by Four surgeons from various branches.

Dr. A.J. Thakur
Dr. A.G.Kale
Dr. (late) S.S.PALNITKAR
Irla Nursing Home & Polyclinic commenced functioning on 11 September 1977. With the capacity of 30 beds, it was the Largest Private venture of its time. In 1979, INHP started ICCU unit with 8 beds and imported all the monitors from Hewlett Packard USA. By 1981, it already had an operational cardiac ambulance.
From day one, Irla Nursing Home has been fully equipped for orthopedic, obstetrics and gynecological and general surgical work. INHP has always maintained excellent standards in general medicine care too.
Located in the close vicinity of a glittering entertainment hub, INHP has enjoyed special patronage from the film industry and Marathi and Gujarati theatre. Famous film director K A Abbas, Kwaja Ahmad Abbas who launched Amitabh Bacchan was our regular patient. When K. Abbas’ was in ICCU, the entire film industry had turned up to see him including musicians, writers and film makers like Raj Kapoor. Not many know that in his will he bequeathed a part of his property to Irla Nursing Home.
Today, INHP has all ultra-modern facilities with a refurbished ICCU with central monitors, central oxygen and excellent supporting staff. With a strong physician team, we also offer investigative services such as radiology, sonography, pathology, cardiac stress test, foetal stress test, and health check up services.
It caters to various specialties like medicine, cardiology, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, orthopedics. It has facilities for eight bed ICCU with central monitoring station, Dräger ventilator, 2-D colour Echo cardiography, computerized ECG reporting, computerized cardiac stress test, holter mobile ECG, ambulatory BP monitoring, and spirometery. Obstetrics and gynecology offers pre and post natal services, antenatal non stress foetal test, laparoscopic surgery, and other surgical facilities. Orthopedic surgery offers full complement of the speciality including fracture treatment, joint preserving surgeries (avoiding joint replacement) for arthritis, non surgical treatment and rehabilitation facilities. General surgical facilities cater for all standard procedures and laparoscopic operations. This is backed by ISO 9001-2000 certified pathology laboratory for round the clock investigations. Imaging department has on-site and portable digital radiography, ultrasonography, echocardiography, whole body colour Doppler; the department has off site supporting facilities for CT, MRI and PET scans. The nursing staff is well trained. The supportive staff is experienced, friendly and helpful.
Since, INHP is registered with more than 20 TPAs for insurance work, it is also a very convenient option for many patients..